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  • I completely expected at least some incidents of crowds mass uprising against cops during the 2020 brutalities. I don’t mean burning down police stations. I mean literally attacking every cop on the street after Twitter was awash with cops running over protesters, cracking an old mans skull open, etc. I would have thought cops would be afraid of citizen mobs coming to their homes.

    The degree of repression that we just accept, despite our anger, is shocking to me. And I say this as an anti-violence person. I wouldn’t have taken part in such an uprising. But I thought there are enough people who would be pushed over the edge that I was sorta dismayed that a mini-revolution didn’t happen.

  • According to the McCready Law Group, the statute of limitations in California is one year for simple assault. For felony assault, it is three years.

    Oh, wow. That’s not nearly long enough for someone who is in an abusive relationship. It can take years to extract oneself from such a situation. I mean, if it was a random bar fight between strangers or even friends, sure. But abusive relationships can go on for fucking years because of the psychological and emotional abuse that accompanies the physical abuse, neither of which apply to a random scuffle.

    Amend this law.