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  • I always worry that putting so much on FPTP as the problem is going to backfire. I open to trying to move away from it, but it does make it a little cheaper for dark money to invest in a candidate’s image when they only have to maintain a strong showing vs overwhelming the 50% total tally.

    It didn’t keep the UK from Brexit and the EU is moving to the right. FPTP may not the game changer we imagine, it may simply be a ‘grass is always greener’ scenario.

  • Wolfenstein 3-D definitely gets the credit, but Doom took it SO much further and was the first game that really brought out our gaming-kid excitement through fear and suspense even despite, in retrospect, it really just being a puzzle game with exploding demons (and when you get into the history and documentaries, it’s wild what they actually wanted to do in the engine, but the consumer level performance limits at the time cut into a much more in depth experience).