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  • I don’t think she’s even German. She might have been born on a U.S. base in Germany — there are conflicting reports where some say she was born at Ft. Knox in the U.S. — but if she was, they came back to America when she was a toddler. Her dad has a German last name (her mom has an English one) and they were from Oklahoma and Kentucky.

    So, at best, she’s an army brat who has an obsession with Germany but apparently not the beer and schnitzel aspect. Some other aspect.

    It isn’t that odd for Americans to say “I’m Italian” when they’re like 5 generations removed from the generation that actually immigrated. But it’s weird as fuck to say what she said how she said it.

  • It’s weird to call Brittney Griner “weak and gay” when she’s clearly very strong and gay.

    Also, basically no rookie should be on the Olympic Squad. For one thing, the Team USA minicamp (or whatever it’s called) is during the NCAA Tournament so they miss that. Then, because the calendars aren’t aligned, they get basically no off-season to recover before the WNBA season starts. She probably doesn’t need another tournament to play in in 2024.

    Caitlin Clark is better off being a rookie, learning to play physical basketball against grown ass women, and making her Olympic debut at the Los Angeles games. Every conservative dipshit can cry tears of pure racist joy when she wins a gold medal against France or whomever.

  • The process is actually weirder than that. Each state’s delegation gets one vote, collectively. Republicans would probably still win. (It’s the new Congress that does the election rather than the current one but rural states count the same as California so Republicans have a built-in advantage.) They can only choose between the top 3 candidates.

    For VP, the Senate votes — I think one vote per Senator, as per usual. So, if everything is the same post-election and a party-line vote, we’d have a Trump - Kamala Harris administration. She’d remain VP and cast the tying votes in the Senate but presumably wouldn’t do anything with the White House.

    Also, if the House is deadlocked 25-25 on Inauguration Day, the current VP becomes President. So, we’d have President Kamala Harris until the House broke its deadlock.

  • They aren’t independent companies. Marvel is a Disney brand and DC is Warner Bros. Discovery. You might be able to get a rough estimate from their parent companies’ quarterly reports but to my knowledge, they don’t report it that way. (Like Disney usually breaks things down by “experiences,” “entertainment,” “streaming,” etc. for investors, who aren’t really concerned if the movies are branded as Marvel, Pixar, or Disney).

  • I think it’s perfectly possible to use Mint, Ubuntu, or Fedora without the terminal. But a lot of online tutorials are like, “Just run this command.” because it’s faster.

    I’m an experienced terminal user but I know with my Steam Deck, I barely ever use it. Really the only time is when I want to update packages quicker than using the GUI tool. But you could successfully use a Steam Deck without ever launching into Desktop mode, much less opening a terminal.