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  • It’s just important to know that the side that is at fault is Israel and not Jews. If people understood that, then antisemitic hate crimes wouldn’t be up 400%.

    “If there wasn’t any racism, there wouldn’t be racism”? I’m not sure what the point is here.

    The real ignorance is people hearing Biden and Congress condemning antisemitism and conflating it with judgement of anti-Israel protest. They are not the same. Biden knows that, as do the thirty-something Jewish members of Congress. I blame Netanyahu for manipulating that term in defense of Israel, but that doesn’t excuse the ignorance of Americans.

    You’re really not seeing the conflict between “There has been a spike in antisemitic activity, yes” and “Biden objecting to antisemitism in the protests while acknowledging their right to voice their grievances with Israel is ignorance”?

  • He would have instantly been viewed favorably on this issue and likely wouldn’t have tanked his polling.

    1. His polling didn’t tank in tandem with the Gaza genocide.

    2. Most Americans are either in support or ambivalent towards Israel in this conflict.

    3. Every poll I’ve seen asks the most important issue to voters, and it’s always the economy, with the Israel-Palestine conflict coming in near the bottom.

    Israel is committing a genocide, to be clear. The moral thing is to, at minimum, stop supporting their genocide. But that’s not the same as saying that the Palestinian genocide is what brought Biden’s poll numbers down, or that it’s a silver bullet (or even an unambiguous net gain) electorally speaking.