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  • That’s not me, though. I try to keep things civil. If you find it funny to fuck with people, that’s you. If it’s in a community I moderate, I’ll do what my rules say I do. Simple as that. I moderate because people ask for help in moderation, and I try to be fair about it. Some people take it personally, and that’s on them.

    I have nothing against you or your views. I only moderate you when you break community rules. The modlog doesn’t lie.

  • I’ll just leave this here.

    Comments removed:

    Comment: You just admitted to being suckered by someone you think is a troll -or- falsely accused someone of being a troll because you’re desperate to ‘win’ against an anonymous internet stranger. Thanks for the laughs- Bye, Felicia! [Rule 1]

    Comment: >Right. You aren’t worth engaging with. If you believed that you’d just walk away. but you couldn’t help yourself- I’m in your head. Reeks of “need to win” desperation but I love that scent ;) [Rule 1]

    Usually I’d wait for 3 violations, but you were trolling hard in that thread. I only gave a 1-day ban, but wow, I’m flattered that I got a post about me because of it.