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  • If enforcing instance-wide rules is an issue for you, I have bad news about any forums you choose to join in the future.

    Not only is it against instance rules, but the comment was reported multiple times for being hateful and offensive, if it doesn't personally offend you that is wonderful, it doesn't change the bigoted nature of the word, and that it does offend some people. I gave OP 3 hours to edit the comment before I removed it, if anything that's quite the opposite of Reddit moderation, where you'd simply have a comment removed and receive a ban instantly.

  • To those reporting for rule 2–

    Please note that currently, content from NY Post is acceptable.

    As I’ve shared previously, this chart illustrates the foundation for the original rules, established prior to the implementation of a blacklist. We’ve mentioned a few times now that the middle 3 columns are “preferred”, while the outer columns on both sides are “less preferred”. It is also worth emphasizing that the assessment of these sources will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    After reviewing this, and comparing it to an article on the same subject from business insider, it is my conclusion that I’d prefer the use of the business insider article over the NY Post piece. This is because the NY Post article, especially towards the end, tends to deviate more into opinions and subjectivity in contrast.

    As always, the blacklist is accessible to the public here.

    Edit - OP, please respond to acknowledge you have seen this and understand why your post will be removed and that you are free to repost using the other link.

  • We encourage people to do this for Fox News links.

    While Fox News isn’t actively blacklisted at this time, our stance is that we do prefer other sources/outlets if the same story is available. As I mentioned in another comment, we read both of these articles and they contain basically the same content, so we left this post up, and that is basically how these posts are being evaluated at this time (checking to make sure they aren’t misleading/reporting incorrect information).

    Also as mentioned in my other comment, we do also understand that a lot of users do not want to click Fox News links and support them, so I do also encourage people to post links to other outlets in the comments so users can still read the article if they choose to do so.

  • Our stance is that we prefer if people use other outlets if the same story is available elsewhere, although it isn’t outright blacklisted (at this time).

    We skimmed this article and the article posted above from BBC, and they contain basically the same information so we are leaving it up as it seems this article wasn’t written in bad faith.

    That said, we do understand that users do not want to click Fox News links and support them.

    This is a constant talking point between the mods that is actively monitored and discussed on whether we should continue to allow it, but for the time being, we are just doing our best to encourage users to use other outlets and reading the articles and comparing them to what other outlets have reported to ensure they aren’t misleading or reporting incorrect information before we decide to leave it up.

  • Fox News is indeed on our list of “not-preferred” sources, although not blacklisted currently. The cocept basically started with this chart, and us determining that we’d prefer if this community didn’t constantly have posts from some of the most biased outlets out there, and really began as “we prefer if you use sources that aren’t in the furthest left and furthest right columns”, and we encourage users to only use sources from those columns if they’re unable to find the same story from a different outlet. We needed to set something up in stone though, so as I said, there is a blacklist, but it’s not extensive at this point in time but will regularly be updated as needed.

    All of that said, I googled the article title and quickly found multiple other stories on this, but most of the top ones either linked to the Fox News article or to a Fox News local subsidiary with essentially the same article. Upon reading a few other ones, it appears this link and those contain basically the same content, so I’ll leave this one up.

    Most of these will have to be evaluated like above on a case-by-case basis, but again for anyone reading this, we prefer if you find another news outlet (and that isn’t just Fox News).

    Edit - The blacklist is open for users to view here, and the bot will automatically remove posts from any sources that are currently or in the future added to this list.

    Edit 2 - Nevermind, the post/article title is incredibly misleading, the woman lived. Removed.

  • Because the way communities came to be moderated on Reddit created horrible echo chambers between banning people for disagreeing views or forcing their own opinions/views down people’s throats via content removal, I wanted to grab them before the same terrible mods from Reddit did.

    > You are moderating both “Democrat” and “Republican”… lol…

    It’s almost like you don’t have to have entirely one-sided views and can moderate content without bias and without creating hate-filled echo chambers.

    If you’d like to participate in either of those feel free to ask, I’m not here to “power trip”.