Hello World! Greetings friends! The time has come to vote for the November Book Club selection. Please follow the link and vote for the books you would like to read. I am allowing votes for more than one (we’ll see how it goes). If you guys have any comments about this process please let me know. We want to make this the best it can be!


    • @Fredselfish@lemmy.world
      9 months ago

      All the books I picked seem to be whatever one else wants that's good. How many books do we get to read in November? I read at least two books a week.

      • @Tenthrow@lemmy.worldOPM
        69 months ago

        That's a great question. Let's choose the top two and we'll have separate pinned posts to discuss them both. Number 1 will be the primary and Number 2 will be for those who want to do more than just one. But we do have to save some books for the future too! :D