• @merthyr1831@lemmy.world
    5 days ago

    I use a Lenovo 14APH8 (Ideapad Pro 5) which is essentially the same system specification. Pretty brilliant laptop but the drivers have been struggling until this year, finally! Especially with high DPI, high refresh rate screens where memory corruption is easier to run into.

    Brilliant post by the way. I’ve just spotted that Smokeless UMAF which might help alleviate the issue I’ve noticed on my laptop which is Lenovo giving me 28GB of RAM but only 1GB of DMA Buffer. Absolutely bullshit when my Steamdeck runs fine with 4GB and barely touches the swapfile. I wonder if this’ll let me get the true 780M performance I yearn for!

    EDIT: Hell yeah UMA buffer override lets fuckin GOOOOO