I know this is a busy month for a lot of us. So far we only have 2 nominations for the book club and one of them is mine. It seems like December might not be a great month for the book club. If we don’t get a few more nominations I am going to cancel for December and push whatever nominations we get into nominations for January.

What do you guys think? Should we cancel book club for December and pick up in January or do you guys want to move forward (which will some more nominations for a vote to make sense).

Here’s the nomination post for convenience. November Nominations

  • @CuddlyCassowary@lemmy.world
    138 months ago

    Thank you for this post - I’m now aware of this community (and subscribed) and will join you all for some reading fun in January!

    If time is a problem in December, you could consider having it be a “short story” month. Like maybe a selection from “The Story of Your Life and Others,” or something like that.

  • @harsh3466@lemmy.world
    68 months ago

    How about All Systems Res, by Martha Wells. Book one of the Murderbot Diaries. Nice, fun, short read.

    Or the latest entry in the series, System Collapse. That’s a little longer than All Systems Red, but still a short read.